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Spend more time with your patients and less time worrying about IT support. predictiveIT understands the complexities of Healthcare IT, we stay up to date on all HIPAA regulations to keep your practice compliant. You deserve a fast, reliable, secure network with full access at all times.

With predictiveIT’s Healthcare IT services, your practice can experience:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Shorten billing cycles
  • Frees up your staff to concentrate on patient care.

We follow all HIPAA and government mandates regarding Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and guarantee:

  • Protecting your electronic resources - and ensure legally mandated privacy
  • Increase staff member productivity, so they can focus on patients
  • Have available software properly integrated for dependability
  • Solid, secure and reliable computer network

Not performing a yearly security risk assessment and/or not having an up-to-date set of policies and procedures for the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules can lead you to be classified for ‘willful neglect’. If you do not know, are not applying and have not documented your adherence to the HIPAA definition of Minimum Necessary you could easily be facing fines up to $125,000! Don’t let this ruin your practice!

Incident Response Program

Trust predictiveIT to get your practice HIPAA compliant

HIPAA compliance breaches can be a serious problem for practices, and the cost associated with a major breach can exceed tens of thousands of dollars and even cost you business -literally.

Even if you think your practice is HIPAA compliant, it is important to have an incident and breach response plan, as well as a properly trained staff to know what to do in the event of an accident.

predictiveIT can develop the Incident Response Program for your practice, or review and evaluate the program you currently have. We will:

  • Review your existing response documentation, capabilities, personnel and procedures and perform a Gap Analysis against best practices and frameworks for compliance and governance.
  • Evaluate and assess the comprehensiveness to current compliance regulations.
  • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses within the IRP procedure.
  • Provide customized security recommendations for improving the IRP procedure.
  • Author/revise IRP Policy as necessary.

Have you prepared your Incident Response Program?

HIPAA Services

predictiveIT takes care of Healthcare IT

With predictiveIT’s Healthcare IT services, we can perform the following HIPAA services

  • Risk Analysis
  • Contingency Planning
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Disaster Planning/ Recovery
  • Administrative Auditing
  • Network Security Auditing
  • Disperse Location Auditing
  • Remediation
  • Policy/ Procedure Documentation
  • Support

predictiveIT consultants are certified by the Federal Government for the following specializations:

  • CHP (Certified HIPAA Professionally)
  • CHSS (Certified HIPAA Security Specialist)
  • HACI (HIPAA Academy Certified Instructor)

At predictiveIT we believe in providing low cost, turn key HIPAA/HITECH Assessments that will get your practice compliant and worry free.

Specific areas reviewed include but are not limited to:

  • Media Security – protection of all forms of physical storage media including paper documents.
  • Hardware Security – hardware maintenance and change controls, anti-theft, anti-tampering.
  • Software Security – software maintenance and change controls, software integrity, software copyright/licensing compliance, privileged program controls, anti-virus and related malicious software safeguards, database security, security design on new systems, risk management process
  • Network Security – network device security, communications security, network access controls, internet/web security, intrusion detection, vulnerability testing, network change controls, firewalls & proxy servers, dial-up access security, encryption, e-mail security
  • Host (System) Security – multi-user and single-user (workstation) computer operating system access controls including: user authentication, data access authorization, audit logs; application security
  • Procedural Security – information security charter, policies and procedures, organization, roles & responsibilities, auditing, awareness, IT change controls
  • Personnel Security – background checks, non-disclosure agreements, training, professional development, terminations & transfers, contracts
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Planning – fault tolerance/redundancy, data backup, recovery/continuity planning
  • Physical Security – facilities access control, security cameras, location and marking of facilities
  • Environmental Security – disaster/interruption avoidance, safety, air conditioning and temperature controls, electrical power and utilities
  • Contractual Security/Privacy – Business Associate Agreements, non-disclosure-agreements

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